Excerpt from Horizons Newsletter

The people at Seattle Lighthouse for the Blind have been very kind in allowing us to include an excerpt from their Fall 2004 Newsletter. The full newsletter is available from their web site at www.seattlelighthouse.org

The excerpt follows:

Roy Rios, Deaf-Blind due to Usher syndrome, loves his Miniguide. "It's fabulous; I feel so much safer! If there is a pole, a tree branch...your cane won't pick that up." He continues. "Before, I was always getting hurt. I ran into things with my chest, my shoulders. This really helps." Roy adds that the Miniguide helps in letting him know when a bus arrives at his stop. "Otherwise, I'd just stand there and stand there."

Picture of Roy Rios with his Miniguide

Roy Rios uses his Miniguide as he walks from the Lighthouse to the bus stop